Choosing The Right Furniture For Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be exciting and a huge milestone in your life. Between the walls of your new house you will create memories to last a lifetime. But before you create those memories – it is time to create your home! Move the boxes in and it’s time to choose the right furniture for your home so you can start living!

But how to choose the right furniture? You need furniture that not only satisfies your needs, but also addresses your wants and budget. These 5 tips will help you decide how to choose the perfect furniture for your new home!

1. Assess what you already have and decide what to keep or get rid of

Many of us have a few pieces of furniture that have stayed with us through college, shared apartments or family heirlooms. Whatever the case may be – do an honest assessment of the pieces you currently own and decide whether you wish to keep them, or get rid of them. Many pieces can be reupholstered, refinished or painted to match the aesthetic you choose.

However, it is important to recognise the time and money involved with re-doing furniture. Is it worth it to you? Does it go with the “look” you are wanting to achieve? If not, then sell or give away furniture you do not use. Once you have decided what to do with the existing pieces it is time to plan how to choose the right furniture for you new home!

2. Decide on your budget

It is crucial to set a budget for your furniture spending. If you overspend on some pieces you may have a partially empty house by the time your funds run out! It is important to take an honest look at your finances and see what you have available to spend on furniture.

Perhaps take an assessment of the basic pieces to outfit each room – living room, dining room, bedrooms, and storage pieces. Then, take a quick look at a popular furniture website and add together prices for these pieces. What you actually spend may be a bit different – however, this framework will allow you to keep your budget on track. You may also want to keep in mind that you may want to purchase accessories – side tables and chairs, art and decor.

3. Determine an aesthetic look for your home

Now the fun begins! Do some brainstorming and research online of certain aesthetics or designs that you absolutely love. Popular websites such as Pinterest or Houzz allow you to search many photos at a time and put them in idea boards to reference. Realise that you may or may not be able to re-create the looks you love exactly, however you can get quite close!

It would be prudent to make an idea board for each room you need to choose furniture for. If you have a master bedroom and a guest bedroom, then be sure to separate these two so you can narrow down your ideas. Also, be open to pieces that might not be exactly from your ideabooks but may work – especially with the addition of accessories.

4. Plan a day to go shopping and have a list

The keyword for this tip is PLAN! You have a lot of choices to make and it is important to plan and be prepared for this large shopping trip otherwise you are likely to get overwhelmed and perhaps quit! Write down on paper a list of the items you wish to purchase, separated into each room. Do a general assessment of each room and determine the sizing of the furniture that will fit.

If you have a tiny master bedroom you may want to opt out of purchasing a California King bed! Furthermore, a sectional sofa cannot work in every living room due to size constraints. Start with the things you absolutely NEED. Side tables and decorative chairs can be left to the end. You may even want to start your shopping online.

5. Choose fabrics and materials according to your lifestyle

The last tip is to be aware of the materials of the furniture you choose. If you are a family with children and perhaps more children on the way you will want to choose fabrics that are easily washable, durable and can stand the test of time. A white sofa with dogs and toddlers is a recipe for disaster. However, a microfiber sofa is a great option as they are extremely durable and washable.

A little time and pre-planning can do wonders for the process of choosing furniture for your new home. However the outcome will be worth it when you are relaxing in the comfort of your beautiful and comfortable living room!

Source: Conroy Removals

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